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About us


In 2000, the instigator of Pureshop, dermatologist Aristides Marinis, merged his medical knowledge together with his passion for innovation, and, after years of experimentation, created the perfect natural eco-friendly soap; our unique multi-purposed soap “Simple Pure”. Eleven years later, his daughter Ioulia Marini, a young pharmacist, founded Pureshop.

In Pureshop, our philosophy is to create handmade soaps with no additional synthetic ingredients. We use our organic extra virgin olive oil for the production, and natural ingredients derived from plants flourished in the Greek nature.

Pureshop’s main principles are based on local eco production; in order to create our soap series, we cultivate and select pure raw materials and combine them according to our scientific knowledge and our environment-friendly policy.

We produce our soaps through cold saponification. This method does not affect the natural ingredients we use, as all processes are conducted in a cold environment. Eight weeks after the cold saponification, our soaps are ready for use.

We are against animal testing, our packaging materials are 100% recyclable and we follow a policy of respect and honesty towards the consumer.

Our certified laboratory is in Kyparissia, a town in Messinia, Greece, globally renowned for producing premium extra virgin olive oil.